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Photo by Eva the Weaver

Local Honey

Is it Raw Unfiltered HoneyIs It Real Honey?

When you buy from our members, you will savor the flavor of truly local, artisanal real honey. Many people believe that using raw, unfiltered local honey provides them with relief from seasonal allergies. Try some from our members and see for yourself! In addition to supporting your local beekeepers, you will also be supporting the bees.

Suncoast Beekeepers offering Raw Unfiltered Honey, arranged from north to south

Betty Kearn (Palmetto)              941-723-9879

​Jim Cutway (Myakka City)   941-746-1597  ​

Kevin Lausman (Bradenton)                 941-720-3619

Don Carter (Bradenton)                 941-201-2117 

Jeff Curry (Sarasota)                    941-737-3715         

Tom Mawn (Sarasota)                    941-866-0233

Karl Lasser (Osprey)                                 941-724-6850

Good honey, real honey is not cheap.

Cheap honey might not even be honey!